by Clover

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"Imagine if you will a heavier, growlier Kowloon Walled City or maybe Black Shape of Nexus with far fewer fuzz pedals and you'd be almost there! All 8 tracks offer a distinctive punch, weight and flow that blurs genre lines. Vocalist/bassist Andrew Guthaus' half scream, half growl is distinctive enough to permeate the no frills production. There are plenty of enjoyable moments on offer here, such as the chugging, His Hero Is Gone esque riff of 'Monolith' that bleeds back into the opening riff and the very KWC sounding 'Into Exile' as well as the biting aggression of 'Scorn'." -The Sludgelord

"Holy shit. This totally rips. I totally had to give this album a review after getting a request to give this album a review back in February. I'm totally kicking myself for not giving this album a listen sooner. Clover is a three piece band from Kingston, NY who formed in late 2010. Clover play a brutal, dark, and menacing style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, metal, and sludge within their sound. Overall, Exile is a killer LP and should not be missed and Clover is an absolute must list for fans of Hanging Like A Hex records style bands. Highly recommended! Enjoy!" - Dead Air At The Pulpit


released April 5, 2016

Anthony Mackey: Guitar
Michael Guthaus: Bass/Vocals
Steven Pasqua: Drums

Produced by CLOVER
All songs written by A. Mackey, M. Guthaus, S. Pasqua
Recorded August 2015 @ The IsOkOn in Woodstock, NY
Engineered by Michael Guthaus
Mixed and Mastered by D. James Goodwin @ The IsOkOn
Artwork and layout by Chris Smith of Grey Aria Design Studios



all rights reserved


Clover Kingston, New York

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Track Name: Monolith
A new day has dawned
at the end of my time.
Voyagers from lands I’ve yet to know.
A world with no sun they appear to come from darkness.
Flesh and blood stand before me as well as riches from the other world.
A mutual exchange will aid our future generations.
As we welcome them to these lands
powerful weapons will defend us
from threats while we provide skins for their industry.
A new day has dawned
at the end of my time.
Devastation looming in the masses
of this beacon of hope and strength.
Track Name: Next of Kin
Blood dripping down my face.
War cries from a mother’s young son.
The eldest of seven he leads his men to battle.
Laying on my back I feel myself floating on top of the dirt.
Sounds of fire. Smells of gunpowder.
My vision feels distant as my other senses
are overwhelmed by this experience.
Sounds of men crying in pain,
they carry out a final push before exiting to the unknown.
Track Name: The Woven Stone
Greed in a sinister form.
A race for riches in the virgin soil.
That of which shimmers in naked sunlight.
Demands to vacate from this land.
From which we’ve called home for so long.
Demands to vacate from this land.
Digging for the stone only to be washed in our blood.
Man’s thirst for gold soaked in sin.
Selfish demands fueled by the dark spirit.
A fight for our rights, we’ve accepted your traditions.
Do us the favor; let us keep our home.
Your lust for riches is a hollow empty chasm.
Track Name: Into Exile
Awakened from the screams of a young child.
A prisoner in my own home,
dictated to leave my post with little more than the clothes on my back.
With a heavy heart I pray for the elders who suffered so early into the journey.
Their eyes speak of a thousand sorrows.
A disappointment of what has become of this clan.
Relinquish the life that was given to them so long ago.
Now to a place where a better future was once promised.
Track Name: Scorn
With the sun setting in my eyes,
I travel toward lands
that of which are filled with fields of promise.
Fighting tooth and nail we
have given all that we can to prevent this.
The laws have proved no use for us.
King Mob has raised his iron
fist and brought it crashing down
upon my people.
An eviction from our home,
we accepted you into ours.
Only to be turned on in response
to your thirst for false wealth.
Our brothers and sisters will die
because of this.
You will be judged for your actions.
King Mob has raised his iron
fist and brought it crashing down
upon my people.
Track Name: Wormwood
Weeks on the trail,
the pace has maintained it’s original
energy until now.
We see the gradual slowing in speed creates more weight
for our task at hand.
The heaviness bearing down day to day.
Bruised and broken our speed
has slowed considerably.
The sound of women and children
walking is the sound of impending doom.
Gradual slowing in speed creates more weight
of our task at hand.
The heaviness bearing down day to day.
I already sense the cold hand of death breathing on my back,
it sends the chill of the forth coming winter.
Track Name: Mantle
Winter’s dark approach has laid upon us.
Shelter we must seek from death’s icy sting.
An archway rising from the earth’s soil will sheath us from harm.
Hours turn to days, which turn to weeks.
The first of us to leave this place; a young child who turned
at the hand of starvation and the cold.
Her brother soon followed, departing this forsaken hole.
Dozens more with the means to expire enter their spirit world.
Pushing through, I fight the need to relinquish life.
For there is light even after the darkest of stormy nights.
The sun will rise again.
Track Name: Elegy
Alone in this dark world,
I keep traveling towards the distant light.
That of which will bring me closer to salvation.
A freedom from the pain that ails this world.
To give one’s self to the purest form of life; the need to exist.
I keep traveling to the light.
Forever and always.